Revenue management for Brands and CPGs


Brands and CPGs

Datasembly empowers Brands and CPGs to make data-driven decisions about pricing and promotions

in real-time.

Using the Datasembly platform, your team gains the sharable insight needed to make business decisions quickly and more efficiently.

Use Datasembly for Brands & CPGs to:

Improve the effectiveness of trade spend & business planning with retail partners

Datasembly’s real-time, store level data reduces wasted and inefficient promotional and trade spend by providing shareable real time pricing, promotion, and competitive data organized by retailer, metro area and promotion type.

Improve Revenue Management

Datasembly’s data provides detailed insights into regional trends, localized pricing and promotions initiatives, and even private label price tracking.

Track Seasonal & Product launches

Review and respond to seasonal and competitive items, even during launch, through Datasembly’s proprietary platform.

Monitor competitors and banner activities, both locally and regionally

Explore the distribution of your product in comparison to your competitors’ new items, reduced store coverage, and more, with Datasembly’s customized app.

Key Features


Gather intelligence and identify problems NOW.


National, regional, or even single store insights.


From a broad view to the most specific observations, all at your fingertips.


Intuitive platform means information is accessible to everyone, not just analysts.