CPGs and Brands

Shine a Light on Your Products

Spotlite: Focused Product Insights for CPGs, Free for 30 Days

Do you wish you could see the price of any product, at any retailer, by state, metro or store? What if you could see current promotions and when prices change? How about tracking assortments and which products are being sold where, yours or your competitors’?

Now you can, with Spotlite (beta).

CPGs Use Datasembly to:

Improves the effectiveness of
trade spend and business
planning with retail partners

Reduce wasted and inefficient promotional and trade spend using real-time, shareable data.

Track seasonal and
product launches

Use real-time data to track pricing and respond to competitive changes in real-time. Use shareable data to communicate with retailers with full transparency.

Improve Strategic Revenue Management

Increase revenue and improve strategic decision making capabilities using better pricing intelligence.

Monitor competitors and
banner activities

Explore store distribution of your own products and your competitors’ products. (e.g. reduced store coverage, new items, shelf changes, out of stocks)