How we do it

Datasembly’s platform collects over a billion product observations every day and transforms them into a powerful solution for CPGs and retailers.

The most valued product data is hyper-local, highly dynamic, and notoriously difficult to collect, especially at a massive scale. Unless you have Datasembly’s proprietary technology.

Datasembly app image showcasing retail data collection

What Datasembly

does for you.

Access nearly infinite data

Datasembly’s platform translates massive amounts of product information into customized pricing and availability data feeds to meet your organization’s needs.

Share absolutely anything you want

Datasembly’s data is collected from publicly available sources, giving you the ability to share data with unprecedented transparency. Create a new level of discussion between your partners, suppliers, and customers.

Access “edge” datapoints

Datasembly’s platform collects even the most disparate pricing data, including specials, loyalty promotions, and “Buy One Get One” offers, from a rapidly growing array of retailers and delivery platforms.

Gain actionable insights

The Datasembly platform provides brands with the data they need to make real-life decisions smarter and more efficiently. Reduce inefficient trade spend, track new product introductions faster, improve store assortment visibility and monitor competitive products using shareable, hyper-local data.

Have the data the way you want it.

Enterprise Application

Easy to use, insight-rich, enterprise application that delivers comprehensive market analysis as well as previously undetectable real-time store-level product detail.  Full week-to-week marketplace summary or customized for just the banners and products you're looking for.

Data Export

Access billions of pricing, promotion, and assortment observations through api-powered exports. Pre-configured for simple file transfers or further enabled through robust Snowflake integrations. Combine with your own enterprise data to power new growth strategies.

The best data available.


10+ Billion

Weekly product observations

1.2+ Trillion

Total observations in collection





Let’s get started.

Real time, hyper-local product data that will revolutionize your go-to-market strategy.