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We have a powerful dataset:

Full-category retail pricing, promotion & assortment insights.



$0.45 per pound this week at Walmart #2910 in Seattle, WA

Land O Lakes Butter, 1lb

Price increased by 19% this year nationwide, exceeding inflation.

Heinz Ketchup Squeeze 20 oz

EDLP at $2.98 in Phi, PA vs nearby in Cherry Hill, NJ for $2.58

Horizon Organic Whole Milk

Statewide price drop of $.40 at all Wholefoods in Oregon

Kroger All Purpose Flour 5 LB

Price change $2.00 to $2.42 at Kroger #01800615 in Livonia, MI

Lysol Crisp Linen Scent, 19 oz

Home Depot lowers EDLP $.50 except in key competitive zones

Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls

Price increase of $.60 each at Target #2520 in Lewisville, TX

Kelloggs Special K Red Berry

Now $4.19 ea, up from $3.98 at Walmart #2330 in Rochester, NH

Band-Aid - Comfort-Flex 60ct

10% avg. increase this year for Albertsons' online store

Purina Beggin Strips, 6oz Bag

Walmart makes first to raise prices, others rapidly follow

Advil Liqui-Gels, 200mg 20ct

Target's average price rose 6% this year at 1887 stores

Colgate Adv Toothpaste, 4.5oz

Price drop from $8.99 to $6.99 at all Harris Teeters in Raliegh, NC

Bettergoods Cinnamon Honey Butter, 3 oz

New product introduction at Walmart

Aleve Pain Relief, 90Ct

Shrinkflation introduced with Aleve 90ct bottle vs 100ct at Target

Eggland's Best AA Eggs 12 ct

No change this week for eggs at Walmart #3098 in Bellvue, WA

Kellog's Raisin Bran, 16.6z

Promo price of $2.88 applied to all Walmart locations in May

Datasembly empowers brands and retailers with fully shareable competitive data from every store.

And yes, that includes 100,000+ brick and mortar stores as well as online. Learn More

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In a nutshell...

Datasembly delivers instantly actionable market intelligence so you can make business decisions quicker, smarter, and more efficiently.

We provide access to billions of grocery and retail pricing records from every store at hundreds of retailers. Our proprietary technology platform allows you to obtain – and share – hyperlocal pricing, promotions, and assortment insights that drive powerful market intelligence.

12+ Billion

Weekly Prices gathered

2 Trillion

Total observations in collection





In-Store, Online, Delivery

...and more

datasembly for brands & cpgs

Two of the Top Five CPGs Use Datasembly

Maximize effectiveness of trade spend

Improve revenue management

Increase competitive insight

Collaborate with retail customers using shareable data

we do a lot of things well, but just to be clear:

We eat price changes for breakfast.

With the most detailed, all-encompassing price tracking on planet earth, you’ll be equipped to present an air-tight case for increases, as well as be able to easily and precisely track changes.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Datasembly for Retailers

Three of the Top Five Retailers Use Datasembly

Improve pricing and promotional strategies

Evaluate pricing of your KVIs

Monitor competitor actions

Execute and plan for seasonal items and product launches

Why Datasembly?


Gain access to over a billion real-time price and availability data points.


Critical insights enable brands and retailers to operate more efficiently.


Incorporate and amplify existing analytics with fully shareable data.


Extract and review customized market intelligence with ease.

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A few of our

happy customers.

We used to spend 55 minutes of an hour meeting talking about what was going on in the market and 5 minutes talking about what to do about it. Now that’s reversed.

Datasembly Customer
Leading American Multinational Manufacturer of Breakfast Cereals

Nielsen has not changed in the last 7 years. What you guys are doing is long overdue, and incredibly valuable.

Datasembly Customer
Top-10 CPG

You guys are solving a critical problem for every retailer out there. I’m incredibly excited about this.

Datasembly Customer
Fortune 500 Coffee Retailer

We know the data space well, and with one look at your solution, it was clear that there isn’t anyone even close to the collection and scale of what Datasembly is doing.

Datasembly Customer
Leading Independent Regional Grocer

I have the Datasembly data live on my desktop for at least 95% of my day.

Datasembly Customer
Top-20 CPG in Household Goods

In all honesty, if we were hiring on our Revenue Management team, I would try to recruit your Customer team to come work with us. The team loves working with our CSM; the training, the knowledge and the support have all been amazing.

Datasembly Customer
Leading Oral Healthcare CPG

Datasembly has the best competitive intelligence dataset we have ever seen. Our decisions to take price have been accelerated by 15 - 20 weeks.

Datasembly Customer
Director of Revenue Growth Management, top 10 CPG

…at the end of the day what Datasembly has to offer are truly actionable insights that allow CPGs and Retailers to run their businesses better.

Datasembly Customer
VP of Consumer Sales for American Multinational in Consumer Care

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