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Datasembly's hyper-local retail analytics allow retailers make decisions on price, promotion, and assortment in real time.

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Create More Competitive KVIs

Increase your ability to manage the competitive marketplace in real-time with hyper-local KVI intelligence. 

Using Datasembly's real-time store-level data, you can get competitive retail analytics on any and all products at any store location, or any-sized geographical region. Deliver on your strategy for shopper value perception, and power new growth in same-store sales.

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Enhance Store Assortment

Utilize store-level data to discover competitor  assortment changes and keep your product mix on-point.

Gain a detailed understanding of what products, sizes, and prices are available through your retail competitors and their locations. View pricing and promotion changes in real-time, including private label, and monitor key value items.

Manage Price Zones

Leverage regional differences. Evaluate localized pricing and promotion data to uncover margin opportunities.

Get a better understanding of competitive pricing by geography, so you can optimize prices accordingly and drive better margins. Share your analytics with partners, track new product launches in real-time, and better respond to changes in price.

Customize Promotion Cycles

Analyze full historical data. Gain vision into your competitor’s promotion cycles and negotiate fair share promotional support with your vendors. 

Utilize real-time, store-level retail pricing and assortment data to visualize competitive promotions by CPG, retailer, metro area and promotion type. Launch higher performing campaigns fueled by more accurate and timely retail data analytics.

Leverage Custom Marketplace Monitoring

Powerful dashboards provide at-a-glance monitoring of key products, brands, and manufacturers that you define.

Utilize our week-to-week price change reporting to summarize the full depth and breadth of the weekly marketplace changes in an easy-to-digest fashion. Track changes across competitor products and key categories nationally, regionally, or on a store-level basis.

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Datasembly Retail Analytics.

Best-in-class grocer utilizes Datasembly as a tool for driving same-store sales and entering new markets. The uniquely robust, timely, and granular reporting drives competitive strategy.

Privately-held regional grocery retailer taps into Datasembly's competitive retailer data to create a real-time KVI pricing strategy that increases shopper loyalty without sacrificing revenue.

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