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Promotion Compliance Solution

Get real time item- and store-level insight into your live promotions, so you can quickly correct retailers that are not complying with pricing agreements and terms.

Many CPGs don't discover promotional issues at retail until it's too late. But that all changes with Datasembly's Promotion Compliance solution.

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How It Works...

You provide your promotional plan (calendar, prices, terms), and we'll collect data from your live promotions in the market, reporting compliance issues with retailers in near-real time.





Every Promotion

% off, amount off, BOGO, and more.
Promotion Compliance for CPGs Dashboard- Datasembly

Identify and correct non-compliant retailers during live promotions.

Most promotional analytics tools are only retroactive. Datasembly gives you the power to correct errors at retail during live promotions.

Most promotional analytics for CPGs run on slow-moving, aggregated retail data. Datasembly's Promotional Compliance Solution runs on near-real time data, with a system designed to help you quickly locate compliance issues. With these capabilities, you can correct misaligned retailers within a few days or sooner.

Bring clarity to sales analytics with store-level insights.

Fill the gaps left by traditional sales data sources during promotions, using actual item-and store-level insights.

Many CPGs hit road blocks when expected pricing and promotional metrics don't align with sales data. Traditional data sources cannot provide enough granularity to identify the cause. But with Datasembly's Promotion Compliance, you can access individual store and item-level metrics to find the root cause of any data discrepancy.

Product promotion analytics charts - Datasembly

Historical Promotion Compliance Data - Datasembly

Negotiate future promotions using historical compliance data.

Detailed, shareable promotional compliance data helps CPGs coordinate more successfully on joint business planning with retailers.

When CPGs have access to exact price points, timeframes, and locations from past promotions, they are able to bring more to the table during joint business planning. Negotiate ideal prices and discounts with retail partners, armed with historical performances and levels of promotional compliance.

Custom Insights via Live Demo

Get a guided tour of the Datasembly platform, where we'll show you how everything works using a customized competitive data set of your choice.

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