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Competitive Price Change Solution

Be the first to know when key competitor brands change price, so you can quickly adjust strategy and drive more revenue.

Introducing a fast, plug-and-play experience to what has long been considered a highly-manual, slow moving component of pricing strategy.

"The competitive intel and Datasembly team are extremely good."

- Sr Manager, Category Management & Insights, Fortune 500 CPG

Competitive Price Change Tracker - Datasembly

How It Works...

The Competitive Price Change Solution allows you to easily extract timely and relevant insights from complex market data. You provide a list of competitors, and we'll provide you with price change intelligence across their products in near-real time.





12+ Billion

Weekly product data points
Competitive Price Intelligence Chart - Datasembly

React quickly & strategically to competitor price movement.

With Datasembly's Price Change Solution, you don't have to wait weeks for fresh competitive pricing data.

Datasembly Insights Solutions run on a proprietary data collection engine that observes over 12 billion product data points every week. When the Price Change Solution observes movement on a competitor item, it organizes and delivers all relevant data within days of the price change hitting the market, if not sooner.

Close growing and unwanted price gaps with minimal effort.

The Competitive Price Change Solution offers users a new and easy way to identify unwanted price gaps and take corrective action.

Traditional aggregated data sources are slow moving, and once you get it, combing through it all to find price gaps is tedious and leaves room for error. The Competitive Price Change Solution runs on data that is 4X faster than most traditional providers, and it organizes your information for you, making it easy to spot growing price gaps.

Price Gap Analysis Data - Datasembly

Competitive Price Tracking data from Datasembly

Identify Large Scale Competitive Price Trends.

Gain access to critical competitive pricing data that has been organized and prepared to help you spot macro-level price trends.

Within the Competitive Price Change Solution, you'll be able to easily answer key questions such as... "How many competitor products changed list price by at least X% over the past week? What was the average list price for my top competitor? What percent of stores saw a price increase? What percent of stores saw any price change?"

Custom Insights via Live Demo

Get a guided tour of the Datasembly platform, where we'll show you how everything works using a customized competitive data set of your choice.

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