Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see the distribution gaps between my competitors and I?

Yes, via the Distribution Trend Dashboard.

Can I get the data more often than once a week?

Datasembly’s collection team collects over 150 retailers at minimum on a weekly basis. For some categories at specific retailers we may already be collecting more than once per week. Requests for more frequent collection from a retailer are evaluated on a case by case basis as availability and bandwidth differs. Please be aware that this additional service does come with an additional cost.

What is the earliest I can get the data?

Typically, Datasembly delivers data to clients on Monday or Tuesday following the week it was collected. We are currently beta testing new capabilities that allow us to deliver data to clients in more real time. Please let us know what your needs are and we can better evaluate our current and future ability to deliver data within your desired timing.

Can I also receive offer sales volume data or just price, promotions, and assortment data?

At this time, Datasembly’s platform is focused on providing our clients with hyperlocal pricing, promotions and assortment data.  The data we collect is from public sources across the web and mobile applications that do not contain volume or transactional data. Currently our clients combine datasembly data with volume data from other sources such as traditional syndicated data sets.

How much does this application cost?

Datasembly’s pricing is very reasonable and compares favorably to competitors. Pricing is based on the number of retailers you want and the UPCs you are interested in. We will always work with you to provide good, better, best investment scenarios to fit in your budget.

Do I have access to only my data?

Because our data comes from publicly available sources web, mobile, app and 3rd party delivery platforms, you can access not only your data but your competitors and it is fully shareable.

Is there a limit to the number of licenses for each spend level?

Based on the level of an enterprise agreement, Datasembly does not limit the number of licenses that a company can have across their organization. In most cases, we believe data should be freely available for numerous users across the organization.