Grocery Price Index


The Datasembly Grocery Price Index™ provides the broadest set of standard metrics for tracking and understanding pricing trends in the grocery industry. It measures weekly changes in pricing for grocery products using data collected from over 130,000 stores and over 180 retail banners that span over 30,000 zip codes across the United States. The index leverages Datasembly’s unparalleled product data, which collects over one billion product prices daily, with hyper-locality that is second to none.

Index Insights
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Local Price Inflation Trends

  • Meat & seafood: In parts of Florida, prices of Meat & Seafood saw some of the highest increases in the third quarter of 2021, rising 6.7% in Tampa and 6.48% in Orlando.
  • Beverages: Beverages saw a big increase in the third quarter, with prices rising by 5.5% in Portland and 5.0% in Seattle.
  • Deli Counter: In Philadelphia, the price of Deli goods shot up 5.4% but nationally, the price index for Deli hardly changed at all. In New York, Deli prices saw a sharp increase of 5.17% in the third quarter.
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    COVID Pricing Impact

    • Dough Rolling: Baking goods saw a steady increase of 2.5% before dropping back down another 2% in September 2020. Baking is seeing a rapid rise again with a steady increase starting at the end of June 2021.
    • Surf & Turf: The meat and seafood category crept up at the beginning of March 2020 and went up a full 3% in May/June and went back down 2% in September. Starting at the end of May 2021, this category is seeing steady increases again.

    The Power of Datasembly

    Datasembly provides access to billions of grocery & retail pricing records from every store at hundreds of retailers. Our proprietary technology platform allows you to obtain (and share) hyperlocal pricing, promotions, and assortment insight. Gain the information your organization needs to make real-life business decisions quicker, smarter, and more efficiently