Datasembly Technology

Competitive Product Matching

Powered by a proprietary similarity engine and a collection spanning 12+ Billion data points every week, Datasembly is the #1 choice for accurate and customizable Product Matching.

Datasembly Product Matching provides highly-accurate and immediate visibility into your competitors' comparable products, so you can strategically position yours.

How Does It Work?

Near real-time updates to our comprehensive data collection allow our customers to hand-pick the products they want to track for ongoing competitive intelligence. Our matching solution is based on your customized match criteria - you decide on tolerances - we'll deliver the results.  We're one part Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing and one part human Quality Assurance, combined to deliver a market-leading solution.

Datasembly is a proud provider of competitive intelligence for:

Private label to Private Label Match

Match your private label products to another retailer's private label products for a direct cost analysis.

National Brand to Private Label Match

Match your private label products to national brands across any retailer for a full view of the assortment landscape.

National Brand to National Alternative Match

Match national brand products to their closest national brand competitors at any retailer.

Variable Weight & PLU (Produce & Meat) Matching

Our most complex form of matching - pairs products across any retailers based on an extensive list of available attributes.

Tried and tested quality assurance practices, coupled with our proprietary similarity engine ensures that your matches are maintained, no matter your criteria. Our automated process utilizes the latest in machine learning technology to ensure that your matches are always accurate and up to date.

Here's how it works:

Competitive intelligence product matching maintenance flow chart - Datasembly

Competitor product updates, new rollouts, and discontinuations make regular and accurate match maintenance a necessity. Datasembly ensures ongoing match quality by:

  • Automatically Identifying and rematching inactive matches.
  • Providing customers with a match review interface that is fast, flexible, and intuitive.
  • Confirming that all unmatched items do not have new match options available.

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Real time, hyper-local product data that will revolutionize your go-to-market strategy.