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Datasembly for CPG Category Managers

Maximize profitability with immediately-actionable product data that is key to success for category managers, including competitive prices, promotions, assortment, and more.

CPG category managers rely heavily on the speed, accuracy & transparency of competitive retail data. Datasembly gives you the best of all 3.

"The competitive intel and Datasembly team are extremely good."

- Sr Manager, Category Management & Insights, Fortune 500 CPG

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Use Datasembly to...

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Get a 360° view of your category's competitive retail landscape.

Track all owned and competitor product movement in your category, with access to Datasembly's weekly retail data collection covering over 12+ Billion products.

The comprehensive and real-time nature of Datasembly's retail analytics allows category managers to catch every price change, new promotion, and product expansion in their categories with time to react. Our data is captured at the individual store-level, so you can layer location-specific metrics into your strategy.

Optimize assortment with shareable, store-level data.

Datasembly's hyper-local data is uniquely shareable, allowing you to provide retailers with a new level of competitive data that will elevate your assortment.

Datasembly is the only competitive data provider that can offer 100% data shareability. Show your retail partners what their neighboring competitor stores are carrying on their shelves, their prices, and their promotions, so you can work together to optimize your assortment and drive revenue.

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Implement pricing & promotional strategies up to 4X faster.

Datasembly collects fresh data multiple times per week across the entire market. This speed, combined with our unique shareability, allows category managers to execute on new strategies much faster.

Datasembly's near-real time updates to product metrics means you'll catch changes up to 4X faster than most syndicated competitive data providers. And with our 100% shareability, you can immediately take these insights to your retail partners and coordinate your next move, increasing your speed to execution.

Hear from Steve Langlois, Senior Director of Category Management at Post Consumer Brands, on how he and his team utilize the comprehensive, real-time, fully shareable benefits of Datasembly data to win at retail.

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