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Datasembly empowers CPGs and retailers with unparalleled, real-time product data from every store.

the company

Datasembly’s data collection technology allows CPGs and retailers to obtain (and share) hyperlocal pricing, promotions, and assortment insights.

We provide an intuitive and comprehensive platform to give users market pricing insights to gain the information needed to make real-life business decisions quicker, smarter, and more efficiently.

the people

Datasembly is led by our founder Ben Reich, who has assembled a fantastic, remote team of developers, analysts, marketing, and sales staff that continues to grow rapidly.

A little about
who we are.

Our Vision

Datasembly believes in creating total transparency for every product being sold everywhere.

Founding Principle

Datasembly was founded on the idea that if vast amounts of publicly available data could be collected, organized, and made easily accessible, it could be leveraged into hugely valuable insights and action.


Our platform obtains accurate, high-quality structured data, resolving the challenge of collecting and processing disparate and heterogenous pricing information.


Datasembly's technology enables CPGs and Retailers the ability to access intelligence and insights from this vast amount of data more easily than ever.

The Result

Datasembly efficiently and accurately collects and provides quality pricing data where it had never been practical or possible before, driving unprecedented pricing transparency.

Our history...

Datasembly founders Ben and Dan were classmates at Cornell University before they worked together as early engineers at Applied Predictive Technologies, a retail analytics firm that was sold for $600M to Mastercard.

Their experience at APT helped them see the opportunity for a high-quality data platform to bring more valuable insights to companies – from small to Fortune 500 companies. They created the Datasembly app to provide CPGs, brands and retailers with real-time data.

Demand for Datasembly’s platform has led to the company’s fast growth, seeing its numbers doubled & re-doubled in the past year, alone… and it’s growing again.

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