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Datasembly's CPG analytics platform allows you to optimize prices, promotions, & assortment with shareable market data.

Datasembly's application is the first thing I open on Monday morning. It helps me immediately align my internal teams and retail partners.

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Fortune 500 Multinational Home Goods company

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Optimize Trade Promotion

Improve the effectiveness of your trade spend and business planning with retail partners.

Datasembly's CPG analytics provide the flexibility and granularity needed to focus on the data that matters most for your trade promotion management. Use our real-time product data and hyper-local capabilities to plan more detailed campaigns, track performance and compliance at a higher level, and reduce inefficient spending.

Map on monitor showing trade spend benefits gained through Datasembly CPG analytics.
competitive analysis chart within the Datasembly platform

Generate Competitive Analysis

View your competitors’ pricing and promotions in real time. Monitor competitor brands across retailers, at a hyper-local level.

Use real-time, highly-granular product data to perform a more effective competitive analysis. Track competitor pricing and respond to market changes in real-time, on an ongoing basis. And with our uniquely shareable CPG data, you can communicate any and all insights with your retailer partners.

Improve Revenue Management with Pricing Intelligence

Utilize granular data, in real-time, to increase revenue using better pricing intelligence.

Improve strategic decision-making with store-level pricing and assortment data on both your products and your competitors' products. Datasembly's hyper-local CPG insights will allow you to set optimal prices that boost your revenue without sacrificing volume or reputation.

computer monitor showing CPG analytics market trends
CPG analytics showcasing Datasembly's competitive analysis tool on monitor.

Track Assortments & Product Innovations

See new branded and private label products as they're introduced into retailers, including their prices and promotions.

Monitor competitive products and respond to competitive changes in real-time. With our CPG analytics, you no longer have to wait to hear about competitive movement in the marketplace. React faster, and protect your market share on an ongoing basis.

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CPG Category Management

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CPG Pricing & Analytics

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Leading multinational cereal manufacturer utilizes Datasembly's uniquely shareable insights to prove price movement in the market to critical retail partners, resulting in faster price adoption and $500K in immediate sales.

Leading US battery manufacturer increases revenue 1.3% in just 13 weeks by moving on price 4X faster, thanks to Datasembly's real-time competitive market insights and hyper-local capabilities. Learn how they did it in this case study.

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