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Datasembly allows CPGs and retailers to get the right product mix at the right stores at the right times, with market-leading assortment optimization data.

Access the largest real-time product data platform for superior assortment optimization. Perfect your product mix at every location.

"There isn’t anyone close to the collection & scale of Datasembly."

- Datasembly customer | Leading Regional Grocer

Datasembly Assortment Optimization Data

Use Datasembly to...

competitor-based assortment optimization - Datasembly

Track competitors' assortment

Track competitor product prices and availability (including private label) across all banners and locations to create more competitive assortments.

Datasembly provides unprecedented access to competitive marketplace monitoring. Our platform tracks over 12 billion product observations every week, so you can monitor your competitors' assortment and prices and adjust your own accordingly.

View product mixes in real time

Understand current assortments and prices across the marketplace. Drive more revenue by getting a head start on product mix adjustments.

Datasembly's product data collection is not just comprehensive, it's also incredibly fast. Access real-time data from any region, state, city or individual store, so your team can make adjustments quickly. Give your ideal product mix more time on shelves.

Datasembly Assortment Optimization chart - product mix

Monitoring New Products Assortment - Datasembly

Monitor new product introductions with zero data decay

Don't wait to hear about new competitive offerings weeks after they've deployed. Start tracking new products as soon as they launch.

Datasembly's collection is constantly updating and expanding to match the market. That means when you or a competitor launches a new product, you and your team can start tracking that product immediately, along with its pricing, promotions, and true distribution.

Track private label products

Private label can be a challenging area to account for during price and assortment optimization... unless you're using Datasembly's platform.

Without real-time data on private label products, your team is missing a sizable and highly-competitive set of items. Luckily, Datasembly's collection engine reaches even the most difficult-to-find private label products, so you can have a complete picture of the market.

Datasembly private label assortment tracking

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