Marketplace Data Technology

How we do it

Datasembly’s marketplace data collection engine observes more than a billion product data points per day from publicly available information sources, and transforms them into a powerful solution for CPGs & retailers.

The most valued product data is hyper-local, highly dynamic, and notoriously difficult to collect, especially at a massive scale. Unless you have Datasembly’s proprietary technology.

real-time, hyper-local market intelligence for CPGs displayed on monitor

A New Competitive Edge

Datasembly collects, enriches, and organizes the most comprehensive, publicly available retail data in the market today, creating a new competitive advantage for leading Retailers & CPGs.

Market Leading Collection

The more comprehensive and real-time your data is, the more detailed, actionable, and timely your insights will be.


  • Over 12 billion product observations a week.
  • More than 1.8 trillion observations in collection.
  • Access product pricing, promotion, and assortment records across 150k stores, 200+ retailers, and 30K zip codes.
  • Most comprehensive retail product data available in the market.

Enriched Data

We deploy the latest in machine learning and natural language processing to create unmatched local insight and comprehensive competitive intelligence.


  • Map products across banners even if UPCs aren’t available.
  • Link private-label products to equivalent retailers.
  • Match similar or same products in a variety of ways.
  • Ongoing maintenance of your product matches to keep them accurate.

Unparalleled Insight

We've created the largest collection of localized, enriched retail data and we provide multiple points of access for you to gain insights across your organization.


  • Instantly find previously undetectable store-level insights with Datasembly’s Enterprise Application.
  • Custom dashboards tailored for specific insights: pricing, promotions, assortment, distribution, out-of-stock, and innovations.
  • Full data export capabilities to deliver billions of marketplace observations, including pre-packaged insights based on specific use cases.