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Datasembly for Revenue Growth Managers

Maximize revenue growth with the largest collection of shareable competitive retail data on the market. Get pricing, promotions, and assortment from every product online and on shelves, updated in near-real time.

Strategic revenue growth requires more than just aggregated data. Get shareable, store-level competitive product data without the lag.

"The best competitive intelligence data we've ever seen."

- Director of Revenue Growth, Fortune 500 CPG

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Use Datasembly to...

Reduce trade spend with high-speed pricing & location data.

Timely product pricing insights coupled with flexible, store-level location data creates an engine for trade spend optimization.

Datasembly's pricing and promotional data is captured in near-real time at the individual product and store level, allowing revenue growth managers to filter geographically with a high level of granularity. With this level of detail and flexibility, revenue growth managers can assess the validity of every trade spend request from retail, and only pay when the data backs it up.

Deploy more competitive prices and promotions with shareable insights.

Datasembly's hyper-local data is uniquely shareable and comprehensive, allowing you to easily spot price gaps and share details directly with retailers.

Datasembly is the only competitive data provider that can offer 100% data shareability on a real-time collection at scale (over 12 billion data points per week). Show retail partners exactly what their neighboring competitor stores are carrying on their shelves, including their prices and promotions. Deploy strategies and campaigns up to 4X faster as a result of better retail coordination.

competitive pricing dashboard for revenue growth management - Datasembly

Retail Pricing History Charts - Datasembly

Make predictive market analyses with 3+ years of historical data.

Deploy more effective promotions and set more competitive prices by analyzing your competitors' patterns across 150K+ stores.

Datasembly provides revenue growth managers with a robust range of competitive pricing, promotion, and assortment data. Get 24/7 access to marketplace metrics on any owned or competitor products from last week to 3+ years ago. Analyze competitive patterns to better prepare your price points and campaigns in the future.

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