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Competitive Promotion Intelligence

Gain a true understanding of your competitive promotional arena. Analyze live and historical competitor promos across the market, with full offer details (BOGO, % Off, Amount Off, etc).

Even great promotions can fall apart from unforeseen competitive pressures. Analyze, plan, and react to the market faster with Datasembly's Competitive Promotion Intelligence.

"The competitive intel and Datasembly team are extremely good."

- Sr Manager, Category Management & Insights, Fortune 500 CPG

How It Works...

You provide a list of competitors, and our platform will do the rest. Access near-real time promotional tracking and 3+ years of historical data across your competitors' products, with store-level granularity.





All Promo Types

% off, amount off, BOGO, and more.
Promotion Compliance for CPGs Dashboard- Datasembly

Adjust live campaigns with insight into active competitor promos.

Datasembly's competitive promotional intelligence allows you to see promotional activities in your market in near-real time.

Promotional data for CPGs is generally slow-moving and aggregated, often resulting in competitive blind spots for weeks. In order to launch and maintain effective promotions, CPGs need faster competitive data that can spot problematic competitor campaigns with enough time to react.

Get the full picture - product, banner, location, price, & offer details.

With Datasembly, you'll get the level of detail you need to truly understand your competitive promotional environment.

Datasembly's Competitive Promotion Intelligence offers a unique set of metrics that others cannot. We collect and provide every aspect of every promotion that matters to you, from specific UPCs, to precise store locations - even the exact verbiage used in your competitors' promotions.

Product promotion analytics charts - Datasembly

Historical Promotion Compliance Data - Datasembly

Create better promotional plans using historical competitive data.

Identify patterns in your competitors' promotional calendars, with access to 3+ years of historical competitive promotional data.

Planning ahead requires an acute awareness of your competitors' promotional habits. That's why our Promotional Intelligence Solution gives you 3+ years of competitive historical data - enough to easily identify recurring campaigns and promotional patterns. Use these insights to plan campaigns that will hit the market the way you intend.

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