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MAP Compliance Solution

Prevent price wars at the local level with Datasembly's fully-automated MAP Compliance solution, powered by 12+ Billion weekly retail data observations.

Most MAP Compliance Solutions only monitor online offerings, leaving major blind spots across brick-and-mortar. Datasembly MAP Compliance fills these gaps with fast, store-level pricing data.

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MAP Compliance Solution

How It Works...

You provide your MAP policies, and we'll collect live data on your products in the retail market. Our system will then identify any price violation in near-real time, along with the banner, location, and time frames involved.





12+ Billion

product data points per week

Identify and correct hyper-local MAP violations before they escalate.

If MAP violations linger at retail, they can easily escalate, causing other retailers to react with unwanted price changes or requests for trade dollars.

Thanks to Datasembly's hyper-local retail data and near-real time collection speed, we can spot MAP violations at individual store locations before the marketplace reacts. This prevents price wars at retail, maintains price integrity, and reduces the resources needed for course correction.

Understand every MAP compliance issue across all of your products.

Datasembly MAP Compliance is powered by the industry's largest marketplace data collection, making it difficult for any price change to slip past, unnoticed.

Achieving high accuracy in MAP Compliance is dependent on the breadth of data collected, especially with brick-and-mortar. Datasembly leads the industry in product data collection, which allows our system to cast a wide net over the marketplace and ensure that no violation goes unseen.

Product promotion analytics charts - Datasembly

Historical Promotion Compliance Data - Datasembly

Improve joint business planning with retailers, using 100% shareable data.

Finding common ground on prices during joint business planning can be difficult, unless you and your partners can share in a single source of truth.

Datasembly's data is unique in that it is 100% shareable across competing retailers. This allows for more coordinated joint business planning, where retailers can be shown the price actions of their competitors. This can be used to establish a stronger basis for favorable pricing and trade agreements, and quickly settle disputes based on factual metrics.

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