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Datasembly for Retail Category Managers

Maximize profitability with fast, comprehensive, store-level product data that is critical to success for category managers, including competitive prices, promotions, assortment, and more.

Tired of waiting weeks for competitive data? With Datasembly, category managers can track online and in-store product metrics in real time.

"The competitive intel and Datasembly team are extremely good."

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Use Datasembly to...

Track Competitor prices in real time, online and in-store.

Utilize Datasembly's comprehensive product data collection to track online and brick-and-mortar prices in real time.

Datasembly lets you quickly understand how you are priced against your competitors, without having to send anyone into physical stores for on-shelf price analyses. Our flexible and highly-granular location data lets you monitor markets of any size, down to the individual store level.

Optimize assortment with highly-granular location data.

Quickly identify what products belong on your shelves, with the ability to check neighboring competitor store assortments.

Datasembly's product data is collected at the store-level, so category managers can find products in their purview at any competing store location. Easily spot assortment gaps and opportunities to meet customer demand better than your competitors.

Develop strong campaigns with comprehensive promotional insights.

Access 3+ years of historical pricing and promotional data to analyze competitor patterns, spot new discounts, and react accordingly.

Datasembly's comprehensive collection includes a multitude of promotional metrics with enough data history to spot valuable patterns in the market. You can even identify promotional types (buy-one-get-one, % off, amount off, etc) and use this intel to inform your own promotional plans.

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Explore real-time pricing, promotion, and availability data across thousands of products in the grocery sector - all for free, and 100% self-service.

Custom Insights via Live Demo

Get a guided tour of the Datasembly platform, where we'll show you how everything works using a custom competitive dataset of your choosing.

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