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Datasembly for Pricing & Analytics Managers

Maximize revenue with comprehensive competitive product analytics built to optimize pricing, promotions, and assortment. Access competitive online and on-shelf product data in real time, with store-level detail.

Retail pricing and analytics managers need faster competitive insights and higher granularity than what is available via syndicated market data.

"Nielsen hasn't changed in 7 years. This has been long overdue."

- Datasembly Customer

Retailer pricing and analytics data

Use Datasembly to...

Identify more competitive price points up to 4X faster.

Datasembly's comprehensive product data allows retailers to identify better price points up to 4X faster than what is possible through syndicated or aggregated market data sources.

The Datasembly engine collects and updates pricing, promotion, and product availability data in near-real time from both online and in-store offerings. With this level of speed, and comprehensive access to both owned and competitive products in the market, you can set and maintain more competitive price points.

Earn more market share without sacrificing margin.

Highly granular geo-filters allow you to find and track products across specific stores or regions, so you can set optimal prices and promotions.

Analyze and compare pricing between single stores, sets of stores, or regions of any size, so you can build and maintain a more effective local pricing strategy. Know exactly how to price your products so they can take market share without sacrificing margin.

CPG insights management geo filters map - Datasembly

Track assortment and product availability with enough time to react.

Manage supply chain needs and optimize competitive assortment with timely product availability updates and granular detail.

Keep a close eye on product availability and assortment with custom stock status dashboards and metrics in the Datasembly platform. Product data updates with enough time and detail to make changes in near-real time, saving you and your organization time and money.

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Explore real-time pricing, promotion, and availability data across thousands of products in the grocery sector - all for free, and 100% self-service.

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Get a guided tour of the Datasembly platform, where we'll show you how everything works using a custom competitive dataset of your choosing.

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