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Superior Price Intelligence for CPG & Retail

Tap into the industry's largest real-time product data collection. View competitor price movements as they happen and where they happen, in-store & online.

Don't leave money on the table. Price your products with timeliness and accuracy using Datasembly's pricing intelligence toolset.

"Our pricing decisions have accelerated by 15 - 20 weeks."

- Datasembly Customer | Revenue Growth Director, Top 10 CPG

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Datasembly price intelligence competitor dashboards

Track prices from every competitor

Gain and maintain competitive advantage with access to real-time prices from every competitor.

Datasembly boasts the largest real-time retail dataset on the market, collecting over 12 Billion product pricing observations every week in the US alone. You won't find a more accurate, comprehensive, and timely means of competitive price tracking.

Easily identify pricing dynamics

Examine every price movement and identify patterns in the market to inform your business decisions.

Datasembly's pricing intelligence platform offers a robust set of metrics, dashboards, and data visualization tools to help you identify competitive trends. Delve into 3+ years of pricing history to understand how and when to adjust prices.

Be proactive with alerts & reports

Never miss a shift in your competitive marketplace. Use smart alerts and reports to stay ahead.

Set custom alerts and reports in Datasembly' price intelligence system to notify you and your team of critical changes in the marketplace. Employ a more nimble pricing strategy with faster, smarter, more accurate pricing data.

Execute on prices with less hassle.

All Datasembly pricing intelligence data is 100% shareable externally. Strengthen your retail/CPG partnerships and execute plans with ease.

Thanks to Datasembly's proprietary data collection technology, you can share any and all insights with your retail channel partners. Share in one source of truth, and accelerate your pricing plans through to execution.

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