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Craft Promotions with Competitive Data

Utilize real time and historical data from 200+ retailers to create the ideal prices, timing, and locations for your promotions.

Take the guesswork out of retail promotion optimization. Back your campaigns with industry-leading, store-level data.

Datasembly is solving a critical problem for every retailer.

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Retail Promotion Optimization Dashboard - Datasembly

Use Datasembly to...

Monitor competitive promotions

Track active promotions and all associated metrics within your competitive marketplace. React to competitor campaigns and new market conditions faster than ever.

The Datasembly platform provides real time, product-level data on promotional prices, types (BOGO, % OFF, $ OFF, etc.), geographies, and the lengths of each promotional period. Launch more strategic and timely promotions with a more nimble strategy that allows you to react quickly to competitive changes.

Identify Promotion Cycles

Use Datasembly's extensive price and promotional history data to understand competitor movements and forecast accordingly.

Datasembly houses 3+ years of pricing history across 200+ retailers and 150K+ stores. Using our highly-customizable data visualization tools, you can easily identify promotional patterns in your competitive markets, extract the details, and forecast your own promotions with these details in mind.

Historical Retail Promotions Data - Datasembly
Retail Promotion Pricing Data - Datasembly

Set promo prices with accuracy

Set discount prices based on comprehensive and timely full-category insights.

Datasembly can tell you exactly what products are at what price, at any point in time, at any store or geographical region. This level of price tracking will help you optimize retail promotions to determine the ideal price points for your campaigns. And with near-real time updates, you can monitor the effects of your price changes within the market.

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