case study

Real-time, Hyper-local Data Drives Same Store Sales and Guides New Market Entries

The Client

Best in class grocery operating in the North East and Mid-Atlantic regions 

The Situation

This best-in-class grocer has built its business through continuous innovation, often first with new ideas, concepts, and creative ways to better serve its shoppers.  That unwavering focus has built a brand promise that has created a shopper base (some would call “fan base”) that’s unrivaled.  Same-store sales and strong customer counts are becoming increasingly difficult in their most competitive markets but they continue to focus and deliver on one of the most difficult propositions, a high-end shopper experience paired with ultra competitive market pricing. 

Key Challenge

Growth in existing markets is one thing. Expansion into new markets, where this grocer had no presence, is an entirely different proposition.  However, with a brand built over 100 years, and with fresh support of real-time competitor data for any market, anywhere, this grocer has been able to drive same store sales and successfully enter new markets with great success. 


The Pricing and Merchant team chose Datasembly after testing data from eight different providers in a side-by-side comparison trial. The consistency and quality of Datasembly data for their KVIs (key value items), along with Datasembly’s partnership approach, were the deciding factors. Leveraging Datasembly’s granular pricing data, they have been able to maintain strong competitive positions in existing markets where Aldi and Lidl have aggressively moved in, keeping sales and customer traffic high.  They have also leveraged Datasembly’s localized competitor data to develop attractive entry price points for each of their new store openings; they see this data as critically important for entering brand new markets successfully.  


Real-time market analysis paired with historical local data has become paramount to deliver on the strategy to meet, and even exceed, the most aggressive price points while delivering a high-end brand experience. Customer counts continue to grow year over year and they have succeeded in opening 7 additional stores over the past two years in highly competitive markets, with plans for an additional 8 more in 2023.

AHA! Insight

New market entry where this grocer has had no presence has been made much easier with a comprehensive view of local competitive pricing strategies backed by the historical data contained within Datasembly’s collection of over 1 trillion product data points.  Understanding the historical ebbs and flows of the local market delivers a key edge to set the opening price for each new location. 

Datasembly app image showcasing retail data collection