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Monitoring Competitor Prices

Use cutting-edge marketplace data to track competitor prices across any retail category, banner, or location, with store- and product-level detail.

Gain competitive advantage by monitoring competitor prices across the retail market in near-real time, with hyper-local detail.

"There isn’t anyone even close to the collection and scale of Datasembly."

- Leading Independent Regional Grocer

Monitor Competitor Prices - Retail egg data

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Instantly identify price changes

Be the first to know when local or national competitors are changing product prices or going on promotion.

The Datasembly platform gives you the tools to monitor competitor prices in near-real time, with store-level detail. Know exactly where and exactly when your competitors make a change, so you can react quickly.

Scan key areas for market shifts

Use highly-granular data to quickly extract insights from store locations and regions that are most important to you.

Datasembly's retail data collection is not only massive, it is also very precise. Monitor custom areas of any size, even individual stores, for competitive product price changes, so your key markets can operate at peak efficiency.

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Get the complete pricing picture

Don't rely solely on aggregate data or averages for your pricing strategy. Access fresh, full-category data to set prices with more accuracy.

Averages and aggregates can only get you so far, and you're almost always leaving money on the table from product-to-product and market-to-market. With Datasembly, you're accessing the largest full category retail data collection available, with continuous updates and a high level of granularity.

Find Insights easily with visualization tools

Make your pricing data easily digestible with numerous filters, groupings, and data visualization tools.

Enormous amounts of data can be quite overwhelming without the right tools. That's why we provide numerous dashboards and customizable elements within the Datasembly platform, to help you extract pricing insights with ease.

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