Geographical Pricing Solution

Geographical Pricing with Hyper-Local Data

Datasembly's hyper-local retail data makes it easy to create a finely-tuned geographical pricing strategy. Tailor prices across multiple locales to maximize profit.

Create superior pricing zones using a geographical pricing approach. Maximize margins across every store location.

"What Datasembly is doing is simply incredible."

- Head of Planning & Analysis | Leading Regional Grocer

Geographical Pricing Hyper-local Dashboard - Datasembly

Use Datasembly to...

Geographic Pricing Strategy Map - Datasembly

Find gaps for geographical pricing

Use competitive retail data to identify locations with gaps between demand and price.

Datasembly allows you to analyze real time and historical prices and availability across any-sized market. Use flexible dashboards and data tools to easily identify opportunities for price adjustments based on the varying demands of individual locations.

Monitor customized geographies

When it comes to competitive geographical pricing, a cookie-cutter approach won't get you far.

Use Datasembly's fully-customizable and highly-granular retail data platform to examine the exact store or set of stores you need. Adjust your prices across specific geographies that you create, and achieve a new level of accuracy that drives improved margins.

Map of custom pricing by geography - Datasembly

Geographical Price Change Dashboard - Datasembly

React Quickly to Price Changes

Markets shift at different times, and in different places, and often with very little warning. Be the first to know, every time it happens.

Datasembly collects 12+ billion new product observations every week, giving you fresh data in near-real time. That means when a price change or shift in availability occurs in one of your markets, you can identify it quickly and adjust prices fast.

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