case study

Creating a Single Source of Truth with Integrated CPG Data

The Client

Market-leading Pet Care Manufacturer

The Situation

This manufacturer’s Strategic Revenue Management (SRM) team initially partnered with Datasembly to deliver real time insight into regular pricing for their own products and their competitors' products at retail. However, they quickly realized the exponential value of having comprehensive, timely, store-level product data for other areas in the business. As many manufacturers often do, this team had originally built their retail analytics system using multiple independent data sources. The large number of data providers often created misaligned and unreliable insights, and this manufacturer was looking to make a change.

Key Challenge

Prior to Datasembly, the large number of independent data sources deployed by this manufacturer sometimes created disjointed go-to-market activities, and most often were too slow to demonstrate important changes in an incredibly dynamic market. In short, there was too much noise and not enough signal to effectively support their go-to-market teams. The SRM team needed a more timely, consolidated view of at-shelf, retail pricing.


The manufacturer’s SRM team integrated Datasembly’s hyper-local, real time data into their data lake in order to leverage the full suite of insights available through  data exports. Creating integrated reporting across the company led to the much sought-after “Single Source of Truth.” This consolidated view combined with the consistency, granularity, and quality of the data has enabled these teams to have the right data faster and more accurately than ever before.

Using Datasembly, this manufacturer created a new level of market transparency for their SRM team. With their new single source of truth, the SRM team and their Customer teams could deliver new value to their retail customers.  They can now quickly and clearly identify in-market pricing at retail for their products, as well as competitor products, unlocking a new competitive advantage. And because Datasembly data is fully shareable, this provided an instant advantage for executing on their newly-reinforced pricing plans with their retail partners.

Datasembly’s speed and granularity of data is a game changer for our SRM and Category Management teams... The shareability of their data has changed the way we interact with our retail partners and ultimately improved our retail execution.

AHA! Insight

By integrating Datasembly’s data exports for reporting, this manufacturer was able to be a stronger partner, more insightful category advisor, track and implement price changes more effectively, and leverage regional dynamics in trade spend. Their Customer and Category Teams appreciate the greater visibility and confidence in the new, aligned analytics strategy. Maybe more importantly, this new approach has strengthened their partnerships with retailers by creating a win-win approach to price realization.

Datasembly app image showcasing retail data collection