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Datasembly announced a major rebranding to reflect the software company’s evolution, becoming the world’s leading provider of data tools for hyper-local, real-time product transparency. The rebranding is a top to bottom redesign of the company’s website, logo, graphics, communications, and correspondence, aimed at modernizing and conveying their product solution for CPGs, brands, and retailers.

Datasembly is changing the way retailers and CPGs get and share pricing information, eliminating the need to settle for averaged data or constant in-person store visits. Using real-time, store-level pricing and promotions data, Datasembly’s customers get unprecedented transparency between retailers, partners, and suppliers.

CEO and Co-founder Ben Reich stated, “We’re always pushing the limits of what’s possible with technology, and we want to make sure that our brand has a modern feel that reflects the revitalized, forward-thinking approach we’ve taken into looking at the data CPGs and retailers really need to make strategic business decisions.”

Datasembly’s proprietary technology collects billions of grocery and retail product records from hundreds of thousands of locations every day. Data includes pricing, promotions, and assortment information for both online and brick-and-mortar retailers. Datasembly’s clients gain invaluable insight and competitive information for real-time product transparency. A growing client list which includes 2 of the top 5 retailers and 3 of the top 10 CPGs.

“Our vision is to provide total transparency for every product being sold everywhere. Our Series A fundraising has allowed us to methodically add the talent, capabilities, and assets that will allow us to do that – it’s literally producing business-changing results for our clients,” said Ben Reich.

Datasembly’s rebrand and growth are both occurring during this unprecedented time. Retailers and CPGs are facing new challenges, competition is increasing, pricing and assortment is changing rapidly and better pricing intelligence is needed to improve strategic decision-making. Datasembly has proven itself to be the premiere source for unprecedented transparency in retail pricing today, and beyond.

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