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Are Prices Still Spiking for Consumers?

The hype around Superbowl 2023 is undoubtedly high - will Super Bowl party prices be as well? According to Datasembly the Nationwide average for 15 items commonly found at Super Bowl parties is up 13.8%. Datasembly provides actual grocery prices and grocery price inflation, collecting and harmonizing more than 12 BILLION data points from today’s largest retail data sources, every week. This data does not use weighted averages or estimates, its actual pricing for brick and mortar stores and online pricing.

Datasembly took a look at common party items across different retailers and major brands like, Kellogg, Pepsi, Mondelez, Tyson, McCormick, Campbell’s, Coca Cola, and Nestle, and compared the 2022 prices of items like burgers, chicken wings, dips, chips to their cost in 2023. The goal (pun intended), was to gauge just how much, if at all, consumers would be impacted by inflation as they celebrate this year’s Super Bowl. Among these branded items the highest Year-over-year increase was seen in Guacamole dip at 39.6%  (average increase from $2.83 to $3.92). Among the lowest price increases were crackers at 2.9% and beer at 7.9% - let’s toast to that! Other items consumers can expect to pay more for included frozen buffalo wings (15.4%) tortilla chips (17.6%) and chili (30.2%).

So does field position, or location, mean consumers will pay more or less… absolutely! Great news for Philly residents, as they celebrate at home, they will experience the lowest rate of Super Bowl party inflation at 9.3% over 2022. While fans in Kansas City will pay 14.1% more as they celebrate. For those fans in Arizona without a ticket to the big game, they can celebrate at home and expect to pay 10.8% more than they did last year. No one, however, will pay as much as fans in Raleigh whose Superbowl parties will experience a 38.9% increase in cost - flag on the play! 

So while inflation has continued across the country, Super Bowl fans can expect that prices will spike across the country, in some areas more than others. Let’s just hope that product pricing remains as competitive as the game is predicted to be.

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