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We know the teams playing, the venue and the halftime performer, but what we don’t know is how inflation is going to hit this year’s  Superbowl party. Datasembly took a look at some of the most popular Superbowl snacks and drinks from manufacturers like Pepsi, Campbell’s, Coca Cola and Nestle, to name a few, to get a clear understanding of prices compared to this time last year.

In comparison to 2023, the total for the basket items is $86.99, a 4.0% increase. This pales in comparison to the 2023 increase which was 13.8% - is this a clue that grocery inflation is finally cooling? For the answer to that question, as well as which product categories are increasing and decreasing, take a look at the Datasembly Grocery Price Index

Superbowl 2024 Snack Inflation Data

While we saw some small increases and even decreases in some of the products, the largest increase we saw was in tortilla chips at 38.3% and the lowest increase was crackers at 1.2%. Crackers also happens to be the product that had the lowest increase in 2023 as well. 

The Nationwide average increase is 4.0%, but let’s zero in on the specific metro areas of the two teams playing, and of course where the big game will be played, to determine how consumers in those areas will fare. 

Fans in Kansas City will see a 7.2% increase in their basket of Superbowl snacks and drinks, while San Francisco fans will only see a 3.6% increase. The big game will be played in Las Vegas where consumers will see a 3.4% increase.  That’s lower than the National average of 4.0%

So how do these price increases stack up against the rest of the major metros in the U.S.? Denver, Colorado is seeing the smallest impact at just a 1.4% increase, while in Syracuse, N.Y. fans have a whopping 8.9% increase. 

While some product prices are not as high as last year’s, there are a few surprising product increases, leaving us wondering if consumers will call for a flag on the play, or cheer that the inflationary prices are finally cooling.

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