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Welcome back! In our last post, we highlighted how better data means better decisions for CPGs and Retailers alike. When we talk about “better data,” we mean data that’s real-time, hyper-local, and complete; but businesses need even more than that. They need the ability to use and share data with unprecedented transparency. That’s what we’ll be diving into today.

Today, we’ll be kicking things off by explaining how “yesterday’s data,” the product data that companies have used for decades, isn’t enough.

Why transparency matters to us

Transparency is more than a benefit of the comprehensive, granular data we collect; it’s the foundation of our vision: Datasembly believes in creating total transparency for every product being sold everywhere. Our founders believed that if vast amounts of publicly available data could be collected, organized, and made easily accessible, it could be leveraged into hugely valuable insights and actions. They created the Datasembly platform to empower retail pricing and promotions strategies for CPGs, Retailers, and Brands in a new, more efficient, and actionable way.

How our platform drives pricing transparency

But how do we provide this kind of transparent data? Our product data collection technology platform collects about 2 billion omnichannel product observations every single day. We’re able to obtain even the most disparate pricing data, like specials, loyalty promotions, and BOGO offers. Our technology gathers the pricing and promotions records from every location of hundreds of retailers, and even tracks pricing from delivery platforms.

What transparency can mean for businesses everywhere

For Brands and CPGs, this means they can: 

  • Negotiate trade spend
  • Improve revenue management strategy and execution
  • Better manage the execution of seasonal items and product launches
  • Monitor competitors and banner activities, both locally and regionally

Retailers can use our data to:

  • Maintain better competitive pricing on critical KVI’s
  • Improve pricing and promotional strategies 
  • Make better decisions about localized store assortment

In a nutshell, by giving clients the ability to share comprehensive real-time data with their internal teams and customers, our platform improves the way they do business.      

Ready to see how transparent, shareable pricing data can give your team the competitive advantage? Request a demo and see how transparency will help your organization make smarter, faster, and more profitable decisions. 

Don’t miss our next post! Stay tuned for the latest trends, insights and expertise from Datasembly.

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