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What are some existing opportunities and/or challenges impacting the grocery industry?

The COVID-19 pandemic really upped the competitive nature of the grocery industry. Never before had there been such volatility and hyperlocal activity in the market. Suddenly, retailers were forced to turn on a dime with the vicissitudes of the virus and what was happening – from changing aisles so they could carry twice as much toilet paper or Lysol, which items were being taken off the shelves to make room for such adjustments, to tracking the dramatic changes at their competition. All these questions suddenly became of utmost significance to retailers.

The 12-week lag – or the manual data collection methods – that retailers and CPGs had previously used just didn’t cut it anymore. Thus, the real-time, hyperlocal, granular data that Datasembly provides became more important than ever. Fortunately for us, we were in a position to scale quickly – and we did, enabling more customers to access our data.

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