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Over Four Years of Historical Data on Retail Products Collected Across 150k+ Major Retail Stores

Tysons VA, February 2, 2022

Datasembly, the leading provider of real-time, hyper-local product pricing, promotions, and assortment data for retailers and CPG brands, has officially collected over one trillion product observations, further showcasing its unmatched capability to collect and harmonize data at this scale.

“CPG and retail partners are suffering a set of headwinds that they haven’t faced before,” said founder and CEO, Ben Reich. “Supply chain, inflation, labor challenges, and the dramatically changing consumer behavior have eliminated their ability to operate as they did pre-pandemic. CPG and Retail have historically relied on averaged and sample data. Those solutions don’t offer the accuracy that a comprehensive collection can. They need high frequency, highly granular data to understand and adjust to the changes happening in the market.“

The trillionth product observation establishes Datasembly’s position as an industry leader through the sheer scale of collection and demonstrates an important differentiator. The collection contains 4+ years of comprehensive product information that delivers critical context for historical events like those seen during the pandemic as well as the dramatic inflation impacting today’s market. "Unlike most other providers of data for retail products, we don't collect just a targeted list of products or stores that a customer asks for. We can collect all the products at a store and whole categories because of our ability to scale our collections," said founder and CTO, Dan Gallagher.

Datasembly continues to increase its collections to capture market volatility. This can be most clearly seen through the evolution of consumer shopping preferences. In-store shopping that once dominated consumer selection has given way to a full omnichannel approach and the company has dramatically ramped up its collections across in-store, pickup, local delivery, and eCommerce channels to create insights for its retailers and CPG partners. Data includes pricing, promotion, and assortment information for both online and brick and mortar retailers, providing its partners with invaluable insight and competitive information for real-time product transparency.

Data collection at this scale unlocks a level of analysis previously unavailable to the market. Datasembly created the Grocery Price Index™ (GPI) to deliver these types of analyses. The index demonstrates an overall price increase of 6% in 2021, which ramped every quarter with Q4 seeing the highest level of increases at 2.44 percent. Currently, the top three categories demonstrating dramatic inflation year over year are: produce (12.1%), meat and seafood (9.7%), and condiments, sauces, and spices (8.7%) as of Jan. 12, 2022. These three categories have seen notable spikes through Q4 of 2021 and continue to rise in January 2022.

Datasembly’s Grocery Price Index is a free, interactive resource with the widest set of standard metrics to help retailers better understand industry pricing trends. The GPI is a culmination of over a trillion of pricing and product records that Datasembly has collected from over 155,000 stores and nearly 220 retail banners across the United States.

About Datasembly
Datasembly empowers brands and retailers to make data-driven decisions about prices and promotions in real-time. Datasembly collects hyper-local, real-time data from tens of thousands of retail, grocery, and QSR locations across North America. Datasembly’s intuitive web app leverages this data to solve real-world problems and deliver immediate visibility and insights that save time, money and improve efficiencies. For more information, visit datasembly.com.

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