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What’s better than real-time, hyper-local, comprehensive pricing intelligence? A customized platform that provides all that stellar data in a format that meets each customer’s individual needs and preferences. Customization is the name of the game here at Datasembly – let’s dive in.  

Platform possibilities

Our platform translates massive amounts of product information into a customized pricing and availability platform to meet each organization’s unique needs:

For CPGs

  • We want our pricing data to be as useful as possible for your specific team or business unit. We import your structure and report the data back to you in the language you use in your business.
  • We can provide customized dashboards to meet your team’s needs.
  • Our data is transparent and shareable, so everyone stays on the same page.
  • We deliver data to clients in numerous ways: - through our proprietary app, a direct data feed, an sftp site (yours or ours), or api access.

For Retailers

  • We can customize the categorization of products to match the needs of your pricing team, as well as your category managers.
  • We can tailor and report the data based on your districts and your pricing zones, or however you manage your business. As you learn more and refine the results, we can continue evolving to your needs.
  • We incorporate your definitions. For example, beyond your categorization and pricing zones, we can include your stock codes, your promotion groups – whatever you need.
  • We not only customize the categorization, but also the products and store locations we’re collecting data from. Only want KVIs at certain key retail sites? We’ve got you covered.

Real-deal examples

Situation A: We were able to create a customized report for a well-known CPG that identified the difference between their in-store availability, and their delivery availability on key delivery platforms.

Situation B: We worked with a very large retailer to help them understand the true nature of their local competition and redefine price zones, not only by store location, but also by KVIs, and customized this data within their feed.

Situation C: Using customized alerts, our CPG and Retail customers don’t have to look for issues or wait for them to arise – they’re delivered directly to their inboxes, saving valuable time for their teams.

We’re constantly updating our platform’s capabilities, so the customization options we offer our customers are always expanding – giving them even more access to the data they need to make better, faster business decisions. To see our platform in action, schedule your demo today!

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