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And we’re back! Glad you’re here! In recent posts, we’ve shared our focus on marrying better data with transparency. Today, we’re highlighting the brilliant minds behind this game-changing combination that’s helping Retailers and CPGs make smarter, faster decisions.

Our founders

As classmates at Cornell University, Ben Reich and Dan Gallagher had no way to know that they’d one day create a company together that would change the way companies do business. Following graduation, the friends found themselves working together at Applied Predictive Technologies, a retail analytics firm that ultimately would be sold to MasterCard for $600 million in 2015. Their experience at APT helped them see the opportunity for a high-quality data platform that  brings more valuable insights to companies. They created the Datasembly platform to provide CPGs, Brands and Retailers with real-time data. Today, Ben and Dan serve as Datasembly’s Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer respectively.

Our platform

Our co-founders saw how “yesterday’s data” wasn’t enough for today’s business decisions, so they applied everything they’d each learned on their parallel paths, and built Datasembly from the ground up. Today, this powerful platform collects over two billion omnichannel product observations daily, from over 38,000 store locations, providing real-time, hyper-local data that can be used to make fast, actionable decisions.

Our philosophy

Ben and Dan were inspired by the power of transparency. They founded Datasembly on the idea that if vast amounts of publicly available data could be collected, organized, and made easily accessible, it could be leveraged into hugely valuable insights and action. Transparency is the bedrock of our vision - Datasembly believes in creating total transparency for every product being sold everywherebut our commitment to transparency isn’t just words on our website. We believe in a supportive, transparent work environment where we hire the best people for our team, regardless of where they live. Ben and Dan have recruited this way from the beginning, so our fantastic, 100% remote team of developers, analysts, marketing, and sales staff works from all over North America. 

We here at Datasembly are so proud of not only the work that we do, but also the family that Datasembly has become. In the coming months, we’ll be sharing posts from other members of our team, giving them the opportunity to share their unique perspectives. Stay tuned!

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