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Competitive Product Matching

Datasembly leverages a database of over 75 thousand universal retail product matches and our proprietary similarity engine to deliver fast and accurate product matching and mapping.

Product matching & mapping empowers you to fully analyze your competitive retail landscape, tracking real-time changes across the items that matter most to your business.

How Does It Work?

Datasembly's collection of real-time product data is fully-comprehensive, which allows our customers to hand-pick the products they want to track for competitive intelligence. Work with our team to match your products with your competitors' products, creating a real-time feed of pricing, promotion, availability, and location data across these items.

Match Types:

Private label to private label

Match your private label products with another retailer's private label products for a direct cost analysis.

National brand to private label

Match your private label products with national brands across any retailer for a full view of the assortment landscape.

National brand to National alternative

Match national brand products with their closest national brand competitors at any retailer.

Variable weight & PLU (Produce & Meat)

Our most complex form of matching - pairs products across any retailers based on an extensive list of available attributes.

National Brand UPC Mapping

Map your national brand products to compare their attributes (price, promotions, etc) in real time across all retailers.

National Brand Non-UPC Mapping

Map your national brand products across non-upc retailers to compare attributes in real-time.

Our proprietary similarity engine utilizes the latest in machine learning technology to find and maintain the best product matches, no matter your criteria. Our tried and tested automated process ensures your matches are maintained for timely and accurate competitive intelligence. Here's how it works:

We are proud providers of competitive data for these retail leaders:

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