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From ground beef to condiments, this year’s memorial day barbecue is going to cost a little more. Consumers will pay an average of 10.19% for their Memorial Day barbecue basics, which is an increase over last year’s increase of 8.97%. Unlike last year’s decrease in the price of ground beef, this year prices are up 14.63% for this time of year. Just like last year, condiments still reported the largest increase with relish increasing 48.73%, but ketchup and mustard only increased 1.84% and 3.16%, respectively. 

The full list of barbecue basics can be seen below: 
  • 80/20 fresh ground beef burgers
  • 8ct hamburger buns
  • 8ct hotdog buns
  • beef hotdogs, 8ct
  • relish 26 oz
  • ketchup 32 oz
  • mustard 20 oz

The 10.19% increase in barbecue basics for early May  is a large jump from the overall .03% increase in grocery inflation reported for the month of April, by Datasembly’s Grocery Price Index, which measures weekly changes in pricing for grocery products using data collected from over 150,000 stores and over 230 retail banners that span over 30,000 zip codes across the United States. 

As we move deeper into summer weather and barbecue season starts to fire up, will meat prices continue to increase? Will overall grocery inflation continue to be a theme? Datasembly will continue to monitor and report the actual grocery pricing changes consumers are seeing in stores and online.

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