Datasembly empowers retailers to make data-driven decisions about prices, promotions, and assortment
in real time.

Using Datasembly’s platform, you gain access to store-level data at hundreds of retailers across the US and Canada. Datasembly provides new, competitive intelligence that’s been unavailable in the industry. This will give you the insight needed to make intelligent decisions quickly and more efficiently.

Retailers Use Datasembly to:

Monitor competitive
intelligence on KVI’s

Get competitive data faster and react to competitive pricing in real-time; better managing shopper’s value perception.

Improve Pricing and
Promo Strategies

View pricing and promotions changes in real-time. Gain insights about private label pricing changes and visibility of key value items.

Improve Strategy and Execution of Seasonal Items and Product Launches

Share competitive data, examine competitive pricing, and track new product launches in real-time. Monitor competitive products, even during launch, to better respond to changes.

Enhance Store Assortment

Utilize real-time, store-level data about both pricing and assortment to visualize real-time competitive promotions by CPG, retailer, metro area and promotion type.