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Since November 2021, The Grocery Price Index™ has been providing the broadest set of standard metrics for tracking and understanding pricing trends in the grocery industry. Powered by Datasembly's comprehensive, hyper-local product data collection, GPI is able to capture weekly changes in grocery pricing from over 200 retail banners and 150,000 stores across the United States. And it's all 100% free.

The great news is, as Datasembly's capabilities have grown, so has the Grocery Price Index. We've been working hard behind the scenes building a new iteration of GPI that can deliver even more clarity and transparency into the grocery marketplace. Our brand new version - GPI 2.0 -features advanced metrics, deeper data, and a more flexible and accessible user interface.

What's New with GPI 2.0?

We've been listening to our customers and studying movements within the CPG and Retail space. We've learned that the need for greater data transparency continues to rise amidst an increasingly competitive atmosphere. To meet this need, GPI 2.0 includes a much greater variety of metrics, including sub-category breakdowns, localized statistics, household incomes, and rural/urban discrepancies.

In addition to deeper metrics and additional stats, GPI 2.0 also features a brand new interface and additional mechanics to help users find data more quickly. We've introduced a full-scale map feature to help you visualize grocery pricing changes by state and metro, making it easy to spot the hot markets and emerging trends. You can also now compare sub categories to one another, to identify root causes of category-level price shifts.

With the addition of multiple charts, graphs, and data summaries, all the things you loved about the original GPI have been enhanced, delivering a richer experience than ever. Make sure to check it today, and subscribe to our GPI newsletter for monthly updates.

Get the most from our data

We’ll be continuing to update the Grocery Price Index™ every week – but the GPI 2.0 is just the beginning of the highly-valuable insights that are available through Datasembly’s data.

Datasembly’s full platform observes over a billion product data points every day, and transforms them into a powerful solution for CPGs and retailers. Access up-to-the-minute competitive product pricing, promotion, and availability data in real time, with store-level granularity. See firsthand how our data insights can grow your business - schedule a custom demo today!

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